How Much of The Internet is powered by WordPress

WordPress was first created and developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. The primary purpose of creating WordPress was for building blogs. Open source of this app allowed everyone to contribute to its improvement. It makes WordPress outgrow from its original purpose due to its unlimited plugins, and WordPress specialized hosting providers. Popular brands like Walt Disney, Sony, MTV, New Yorker, and BBC now rely on WordPress services.

WordPress Usage Statistics 2020

According to W3Techs, WordPress now powered 38% of the web on the internet. The small personal blog uses it to large corporate websites due to its versatilityIf we come to CMS-built sites, WordPress owned 60% of shares in CMS-built websites.There as the addition of 1.1 Million domain registrations every six-month due to WordPress.34% of the world’s most 10,000 websites use WordPress. These popular websites include Etsy, TED,, Reuters The New Yorkers etc. Some of the top Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Stephen Fry, also use WordPress for their Sites.As per Twitter statistics, Twitter gets 152 million new visitors each month while WordPress receives 149 million visitors.WooCommerce now powers 28% of an e-commerce website. On average, 281 new WooCommerce websites appears each day.

Key Takeaway

WordPress, so far, is the most popular content management system in the world.
Its popularity is mostly driven from low cost, wide choice of plugins, themes, security, SEO-friendly and different language packs.

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Pakistani Developers Top Global JavaScript Coding Challenge

Pakistani Developers top the JavaScript coding challenge competition by bagging the top 50 finishes out of any country.
JavaScript coding competition is considered one of the most popular competitors in the world. Toptal Speed Coding Challenge arranged this competition, and participants across the globe participate in this competition. Points are given based on how quickly the participant solves the intriguing coding challenge.
As per the Toptal report, the organizer, 2000 coders from 137 different countries participate in the challenge.
India is among the top participant in the challenge with 251 coders, while 128 participants from Pakistan took part in the challenge. Bangladesh with 82, Malaysia with 74, Nigeria with 88, and the US with 67 participants.
Five participants from Pakistan secure the top position in the top 50 finishers category in the final leaderboard.
MALLU was the highest-ranking Pakistani developer by securing 3494 points in the competition and ensure a fourth-place finish.