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Pakistani Developers Top Global JavaScript Coding Challenge

Pakistani Developers top the JavaScript coding challenge competition by bagging the top 50 finishes out of any country.
JavaScript coding competition is considered one of the most popular competitors in the world. Toptal Speed Coding Challenge arranged this competition, and participants across the globe participate in this competition. Points are given based on how quickly the participant solves the intriguing coding challenge.
As per the Toptal report, the organizer, 2000 coders from 137 different countries participate in the challenge.
India is among the top participant in the challenge with 251 coders, while 128 participants from Pakistan took part in the challenge. Bangladesh with 82, Malaysia with 74, Nigeria with 88, and the US with 67 participants.
Five participants from Pakistan secure the top position in the top 50 finishers category in the final leaderboard.
MALLU was the highest-ranking Pakistani developer by securing 3494 points in the competition and ensure a fourth-place finish.

Pakistan among Top 10 countries with Highest progress in Open-Source development

Pakistan among Top 10 countries with Highest progress in Open-Source development

Pakistan becomes the fastest growing country in open-source development and ranks among the top 10 countries in open-source development revealed by GitHub in its latest Octoverse 2020 report.
GitHub is the largest worldwide community for developers that shares their code online. In 2020, 56 million developers from 200 countries joined the GitHub platform to code better, collaborate, and build larger.
During the year, there is an increase of new joining from Pakistani developers to the GitHub community, and some of them are now the community’s most significant contributors.
As per the report, coming in at #6, Pakistan’s open-source development contribution grew to 51.5% in 2020 compared to 41% in 2019. Nigeria remains at the top with a boost of 65.9% in open-source contribution during 2020.
Pakistan among Top 10 countries with Highest progress in Open-Source development

Pakistan’s IT exports show a 40% growth in July-Nov FY21

As per State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) latest statistics of exports of goods and services, The Information Technology and IT-Enabled Services (ITes) sectors adds $763 million exports in the July to November period of the Fiscal Year 2020-2021(FY21). It shows an increase of 40% from last year exports of the fiscal year for the same period of July-November 2019-2020 (FY20), which was $549 million.
Comparing November of Fiscal Year 2020-21 to the fiscal year of 2019-20 shows an increase of 51 per cent, that is a worth increase from $111 million to $168 million. In FY 21, November revenue also increases to $168 million from October, $151million, an increase of 11 per cent. Year on Year growth also shows an increase of 20 per cent.The work from home drastically increases IT companies’ revenue as they carry on their business activity by continuing work remotely.Mr Samiullah Tariq, Head of Research at Pak Kuwait Investment Company, mentioned that “This growth in IT exports will enable the quick realization of foreign currency proceeds, lead to massive generation of employment and good-paying jobs, enable individuals to work part-time which means home-based workers can benefit, and this may also be a good way of digitalizing economy and leading to a growth in the formal economy.”